Astrophylite is best known for it’s association with astral travel and the seeking of spiritual journeys through conscious dream work. A shiny black stone, shot through with golden and silver crystal blades that resemble it’s Greek namesake, “star leaf”

Astrophylite Stone

Astrophyllite is a very rare, brown to golden-yellow hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral. Belonging to the astrophyllite group, astrophyllite may be classed either as an inosilicate, phyllosilicate, or an intermediate between the two. Wikipedia Crystal system: Triclinic Crystal class: Pinacoidal (1); (same H-M symbol) Crystal habit: Tabular to bladed, radiating, stellate aggregates; lamellar masses Mohs scale hardness: 3-4 Space group: A1 Strunz classification: 9.DC.05 Color: Golden brown to yellow; rarely greenish

Appearance and Origin


Some prominent localities include: on Lºaven Island and near Brevik, Langesundsfjord, Norway. In Greenland, at Narss^arssuk, in the Il¶³maussaq intrusion, and elsewhere. In Spain, south of La Guia, and at Monte Galin~eiro, Vigo, Pontevedra Province. In the USA, in Colorado, at St. Peters Dome, near Pikes Peak, El Paso Co., and in Maine, near Biddeford, York Co. From Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, and the Red Wine complex, Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada. On Rouma Isle, Los Islands, Guinea. From Pilansberg, Transvaal, South Africa. In the Khan-Bogdinskii granitic massif, Gobi, Mongolia. localities in Russia. Name: From the Greek for star and leaf

Astrophylite is frequently visually confused with nuumite, arfvedsonite and copperite, although it can easily be distinguished by it’s elongated golden blades, which much resemble a yucca plant or skinny palm frond. Copperite and nuumite often have a more abundant show of quartz, and squarish flecks of copper crystal and mica, whereas arfvedsonite exhibits a deep blue bladed labradorite type of flash, and the previous minerals are all exclusive to the Greenland area. Although astrophylite is found in more locations, it is not found in abundance, and so remains rather rare.

astrophylite with seraphinite

Folklore and Healing Traditions

Keeping in mind that crystals do not work in the same ways for all persons, each one has it’s own unique folklore and associations. Astrophyllite is said to assist one in the pursuit of astral projection and lucid dreaming, as well as offer protection and guidance to the traveler, once successfully traveling.

It is said to assist one with overcoming everyday anxiety and compulsive or repetitive behaviors that may be impeding your personal progress. It may encourage sensory perception on a physical level, helping you to connect with your environment, and be aware of other people’s feelings. It is often carried or put under the pillow when one is making decisions regarding a turning point in life, or establishing one’s true purpose.

Physically, astrophyllite is associated with the reproductive functions, the lower intestines, hormonal balance, PMS, menopause, and eliminating addictive or self destructive tendencies. It is said to strengthen intimate bonds and fidelity, and would be a good gift for a couple, or paired with a seraphinite.

My Opinion:

I often choose to work with a crystal or stone because it just appeals to me at the time, and later go back and research it’s history and meaning. I almost always find that it was just what I needed! I do have a lovely specimen that I keep in my bedroom, and although I don’t remember astral traveling, I do get a peaceful nights sleep.

Although I can’t possibly carry all of the minerals on the planet all the time, I do have reliable sources of quality crystals and elements that I can readily obtain for your personal use, or custom design.

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