Labradorite, Guardian of the Dreamworld

labradorite night guard

Labradorite, Guardian of the Dreamworld

Labradorite is a mystical and magical stone that entrances all who gaze upon it.  It’s deep flashes of intense blues, violets, and gold, has been the source of folklore and imagination for time untold. Called the Merlin Stone, the Keeper of the Void, The Night Watchman, and my favorite, Guardian of the Dream World. Maybe because it reminds me of Guardians of the Guardians of the Galaxy…A movie who’s unlikely hero, actually embodied some of the more playful aspects of this elusive mineral.


guardians galaxy

Labradorite is a type of feldspar. It commonly appears to be bright bluish-green, to violet or yellow, but in actuality, has no color of it’s own. Fissures in the structure reflect and bend light, giving it the signature luminescent ethereal glow, also known as the Schiller effect, or more commonly called labradoressence. Inclusions of copper or hematite can create a spectrum of flash. Like emerald, it can be dull and opaque, or clear and gemmy. Labradorite is a calcium aluminum silicate, found in many locations around the world, including Canada, Madagascar, China, Russia, India, Austalia, and the U.S. Oregon, USA has some amazing specimens come out of it, and a rare full rainbow flash type called spectrolite, can only be sourced from Finland.

Labradorite value is dependant on the size, color, depth of color, clarity, and rarity. A very transparent piece of several carats with intricate depth and color could be quite expensive!!


Happily, labradorite is not only beautiful, it is also relatively affordable. A little blue flash can inspire a lot of joy! Most Gemstone and Metaphysical shops will carry labradorite, due to it’s classic appeal, it sells itself.

According to tradition, physically, labradorite is associated with the health of the blood, kidneys, and bones. It is said to break up blockages and get things moving, much as it’s spiritual nature would suggest. It helps us to be more extroverted and surefooted in a variety of situations. Labradorite encourages us, through heightened intuition and a breezy sense of fresh confidence, to step forward, and show our inner warmth and wisdom. 



Labradorite is a legendary crystal that awakens the young adventurer inside of us all. It helps us to think for ourselves, walk our path of intuition and self knowledge, and optimistically venture into independence with a strong sense of being guided and protected, against all danger, seen, and unseen. I like to think of it as being represen tative of the Magician, Merlin, as a youth. I can see him full of untapped power and noetic wisedom, running too fast, laughing too loud, and yet unsheathing his sword without hestitation, when honor requires.


I also liken labradorite to the Yin compliment to moonstone, which is not to imply that labradorite is strictly masculine, just that it tends to embody the equalizing aspects. Like most good pairings, they compliment similarities, but create a more complex effect in the totality of their unique qualities combining. 


On a metaphysical level, labradorite is often refered to as a protection stone. This, for it’s reputation as a guardian of the night. Labradorite will watch over you while your spirit travels in the dreamworld, and see you safely home. It accelerates your spiritual growth by activating not only your third eye, but your ability to get over social conformity, and say, “yes!” to your true desires, however freakish or staunch they really are. You are unique, and no one is served by a Magician who hides his Light for fear of conflict or social change

Because labradorite is such a stunning stone, it is quite popular, and comes in a variety of colors and grades. It is not hard to acquire, and there are few fakes, as the real thing is quite beautiful and plentiful enough for anyone who feels drawn to create a new reality, can have a pocketful of minor magic

As always, check your sources, and make sure you are talking to a reputable stone seller, especially now, with so many items being sold online. Buying in person, whenever possible, is always going to be your best bet. At Naked Fairy Apothecary, I create synergistic combinations for intentional health and happiness. Below are a few that contain labradorite. I can also offer most crystals and stones by themselves, in a bracelet or necklace, as a single point, or in a tensor or organite design.
empath protection bracelet
orgonite discs with labradorite

Always Wear Protection         Empath Protection             Orgonite w Tensor


Empath Protection Necklace with moonstone and kyanite

Back to Basics, Rose Quartz, the Love Stone

Back to Basics, Rose Quartz, The Love Stone

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is known as the Love Stone. Real rose quartz is a microcrystalline member of the quartz family. Scientists still aren’t in agreement as to the exact source of it’s luminous pink glow. Rose quartz is one of the most popular and readily available crystals, and it’s also one of the most misrepresented, often sold in pink bubblegum colors in perfect points, or labeled as rose quartz, when it is actually colored clear quartz, or a separate variety of a more common, or even synthetic, pink quartz. Real crystal and stone has a solid weight to it, and is cold to the touch, no matter the room temperature. Rose quartz has a high degree of piezoelectric abilities, and it you hit two pieces together in the dark, you will see them glow from the inside. (I love this demo from Hibiscus Moon!

Artifacts of rose quartz, shaped into beads, have been found that dated back at least 7000 B.C.

In it’s natural state, rose quartz grows in tight veins, and is rarely naturally terminated. It is found all over the world, although some of the most highly valued specimens are found in Brazil. It is opaque, rather than transparent, and it’s colors range from an almost white to a deep lilac. Real rose quartz is not cotton candy pink, but it can make you feel that sweet. This pale rose to light lilac type of quartz is all about the energy of love. Contrary to popular belief, Rose quart will not make people fall in love with you.

We attract what we project, not what we are lacking.

It’s action encourages us to love ourselves, and thereby attract equal energy to what we are broadcasting from within.

The nature of it’s effects are said to help restore trust and harmony in all different kinds of relationships while improving their close connections. It’s also claimed to help provide comfort and calm during times of grief, or melancholy reflection.

Rose quartz exudes a soothing influence. It softens our existence and makes negative energies less intense. It does have a sympathetic nature and when it is in tune with its owners emotions, it can help diffuse negative energy and uncomfortable memories and traumas. One of it’s attributes is connecting to and healing the inner child, by releasing old hurts and disappointments.


On the physical, level rose quartz is often used for circulation and heart issues, mildly relieving pain, helping children calm down, helping you sleep and getting in tune with positive energies that we need for fulfilling our personal expression of perfect health. It can quell anxiety and nervousness, bringing a mental and emotional sigh of ease and comfort. I myself, unconsciously hold my breath when I’m anxious, rose quartz reminds us to exhale. It also helps us to see that sometimes, the negative, needy baby in the room, is Us. Lol.

Rose quartz partners well with moonstone, white agate, amethyst, selenite, and moldavite. It does not make a good snack..

It may aid us in discovering the ability to love ourselves, as well as others and opens our heart to compassion. It is also valuable in helping us to forgive ourselves and process through self-acceptance as the road to tolerance for those who we perceive as unlovable. As we activate our heart chakra, which is represented by both pink and green colors, we are able to receive, as well as give love.

I love me!!!

Rose quartz can help us find acceptance, and restore faith.

On the physical, level rose quartz is often used for circulation and heart issues, mildly relieving pain, helping children calm down, hormonal balance, helping you sleep, aiding in fertility and joyful pregnancy, and getting in tune with positive energies that we need for fulfilling our expression of perfect health. Often, what we project to the outside world is what we attract to ourselves, so the self-love aspect is extremely important. If we don’t love and respect ourselves, we don’t have very much to give other people and we generally attract what we are projecting, not what we are desiring. When you love yourself you will attract similar energies that will be drawn to the beautiful pink light in your aura.

Rose quartz is best worn over the heart chakra, and partners well with moonstone, amethyst, selenite, white agate, rhodenite, moldavite, aquamarine, emerald, kunzite, morganite, and clear quartz.

I sell rose quartz, among other things, at my shop, in bracelets, necklace, or stylishly healing combinations. Here are just a few: check out all of my designs, or e mail me for more choices.

Straight Talk on Turquoise-the stone of honesty

A few years ago, I was in Sante Fe, NM with my sister, shopping for turquoise. The native women would line the parks and shop fronts, sitting cross legged on colorful hand woven blankets, with their beautiful stones and jewelry shining on display for the dealers and tourists.  Trying to choose a few items was an impossible dilemma, but I heard a story that day that illustrated the historical reverence for turquoise.

A young Indian woman who seemed to be in good health and good spirits, suddenly began to walk with a decided limp, and her speech, normally clear and humorous, began to falter and stammer. Fearing a brain injury, she went to the medicine man, and gave him a detailed account of her life and emotions. He listened, and nodded wisely. He searched his pockets and baskets, and came up with a shiny blue turquoise for her, and explained that, based on the conversation, she was harboring a romantic notion for another woman’s man. The dishonesty in her heart was expressing itself in the limp and stammer. he advised her to carry the stone always, and be true to her friendships.  She thanked him for his insight and discretion, and the symptoms, as well as the infatuation, soon went away.

Many of the mines in the US are no longer producing turquoise, or are operated mainly as copper mines, with turquoise mining being performed by secondary leased third parties.
“Sleeping Beauty” mine still produces on of the purest gem quality turquoise specimens available, but since it has little to no matrix or veining, it is also easy to fake. A good bit of turquoise available in jewelry and online is dyed howlite or magnesite. Terrific stones in their own right, but easily dyed and naturally veined.

Why would you want to wear or carry turquoise?

Turquoise is known as a stone of Truth. It amplifies the core of your essence, and reflects it back to the world. It elevates understanding and compassion. It helps one to communicate in a way that is kind and direct, in word and action. Turquoise jewelry is presently popular with modern culture for its varied and reflective shades of blue, earthy browns and copper veining, with a fashionable trend toward what seems simple and beautiful.

Turquoise is the stone of friendship, healers, and binding social agreements. It is most powerful when given as a gift, transferring its power and honoring the receiver. Up until the last century, turquoise jewelry was only worn by men, they believed it gave them hunting prowess, virility, protected them from physical harm, and strengthened their social bonds and loyalties. Female Shamans wore turquoise to indicate their position, and wisdom. It is said that an untrue heart will not long possess a piece of turquoise, and its a good one to choose to wear or meditate with if your heart is feeling dishonest, or conflicted.

Turquoise is also known as a Master healing stone, it seems to bond with a person on a total assessment scale, adjusting energies that will most benefit the wearer, instead of any singular  point of resonance. It is associated with the throat chakra, communication, emotional acceptance, and aiding the respiratory and immune system.

I use it in many of my designs for overall health, emotional peace, and pain relief. On a humorous note, folklore tells a story that turquoise, like people, has a literal breaking point. After it has protected you one too many times, in quick succession, it will literally crack apart, or lose its blueness.

In Conclusion: Turquoise is a beautiful addition to your crystal collection. Take some time to be aware of it’s qualities and values, practice honesty, and walk straight.

At Naked Fairy Apothecary, I typically do not use a lot of turquoise, due to the previously mentioned fact that most of what is commercially available isn’t actually turquoise at all. I do use a few verified pieces in this “recovery” themed bracelet, to highlight the importance of self honesty being essential to forward progress on one’s journey. I also use turquoise in my Pain Relief designs, as it has a soothing effect on inflammation and often goes to work on the emotional trigger to the physical ailment.

Astrophyllite. The Prophetic Dreamers Stone

Astrophylite is best known for it’s association with astral travel and the seeking of spiritual journeys through conscious dream work. A shiny black stone, shot through with golden and silver crystal blades that resemble it’s Greek namesake, “star leaf”

Astrophylite Stone

Astrophyllite is a very rare, brown to golden-yellow hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral. Belonging to the astrophyllite group, astrophyllite may be classed either as an inosilicate, phyllosilicate, or an intermediate between the two. Wikipedia Crystal system: Triclinic Crystal class: Pinacoidal (1); (same H-M symbol) Crystal habit: Tabular to bladed, radiating, stellate aggregates; lamellar masses Mohs scale hardness: 3-4 Space group: A1 Strunz classification: 9.DC.05 Color: Golden brown to yellow; rarely greenish

Appearance and Origin


Some prominent localities include: on Lºaven Island and near Brevik, Langesundsfjord, Norway. In Greenland, at Narss^arssuk, in the Il¶³maussaq intrusion, and elsewhere. In Spain, south of La Guia, and at Monte Galin~eiro, Vigo, Pontevedra Province. In the USA, in Colorado, at St. Peters Dome, near Pikes Peak, El Paso Co., and in Maine, near Biddeford, York Co. From Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, and the Red Wine complex, Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada. On Rouma Isle, Los Islands, Guinea. From Pilansberg, Transvaal, South Africa. In the Khan-Bogdinskii granitic massif, Gobi, Mongolia. localities in Russia. Name: From the Greek for star and leaf

Astrophylite is frequently visually confused with nuumite, arfvedsonite and copperite, although it can easily be distinguished by it’s elongated golden blades, which much resemble a yucca plant or skinny palm frond. Copperite and nuumite often have a more abundant show of quartz, and squarish flecks of copper crystal and mica, whereas arfvedsonite exhibits a deep blue bladed labradorite type of flash, and the previous minerals are all exclusive to the Greenland area. Although astrophylite is found in more locations, it is not found in abundance, and so remains rather rare.

astrophylite with seraphinite

Folklore and Healing Traditions

Keeping in mind that crystals do not work in the same ways for all persons, each one has it’s own unique folklore and associations. Astrophyllite is said to assist one in the pursuit of astral projection and lucid dreaming, as well as offer protection and guidance to the traveler, once successfully traveling.

It is said to assist one with overcoming everyday anxiety and compulsive or repetitive behaviors that may be impeding your personal progress. It may encourage sensory perception on a physical level, helping you to connect with your environment, and be aware of other people’s feelings. It is often carried or put under the pillow when one is making decisions regarding a turning point in life, or establishing one’s true purpose.

Physically, astrophyllite is associated with the reproductive functions, the lower intestines, hormonal balance, PMS, menopause, and eliminating addictive or self destructive tendencies. It is said to strengthen intimate bonds and fidelity, and would be a good gift for a couple, or paired with a seraphinite.

My Opinion:

I often choose to work with a crystal or stone because it just appeals to me at the time, and later go back and research it’s history and meaning. I almost always find that it was just what I needed! I do have a lovely specimen that I keep in my bedroom, and although I don’t remember astral traveling, I do get a peaceful nights sleep.

Although I can’t possibly carry all of the minerals on the planet all the time, I do have reliable sources of quality crystals and elements that I can readily obtain for your personal use, or custom design.

Moldavite: my favorite Martian

What is Moldavite, and why is there so much interest in it?

Moldavite is classified as a gemstone, but it is actually a tektite, made of meteoric material which was found near the Vlatrava River, in the Czech Republic. The strewnfield extends occasionally into Austria, but these moldavites have mixed with a lot of Earth, and are a brownish color, and are less valuable, and don’t carry the same qualities as the beautifully etched and bright olive green specimens from the impact which left the Reiss Crater formation, about 12 million years ago. It has had a recent resurgence in popularity, and because quantities are obviously limited, the price will continue to go up.

Moldavite has a long and fascinating history. It has been called the stone of the Holy Grail from Medieval legend, a Paleolithic talisman of the Mother Goddess, a gift from extraterrestrials, and the Philosophers Stone of Hermetic tradition, to name a few. Regardless, Moldavite does carry an extremely interesting energy that typically has a temporary physical effect on the person carrying it. The effect can range from mild nausea to euphoria, and generally dissipates with regular exposure to the stone. The reaction is called “Moldavite flush”.

There are tales that say it gives immortality to those it favors, and if once gifted, your life will swiftly change, burning away what does not serve you, until you rise from the ashes, beautiful, renewed and forever young. In Buddhist tradition, it is called Cintamani, and was said to grant wishes. Some say that Moldavite carries messages from other realms of existence or opens doors to communication with entities from other planets. Different stones seem to have “personalities” and qualities unique to one another, but energetically, there are strong similarities.

Moldavite has a very high resonate frequency that may be too potent for some people, it activates all the chakras, and speeds up one’s general path toward one’s purpose. They work well with Herkimer diamonds, labradorite, nuumite, shungite, lapis lazuli, and other tektites, like Libyan desert glass. As a general rule, Moldavite amplifies anything you put with it, so know your crystals and possible effects before you go throwing things in a mojo bag.

I have personally never had a bad experience with one, but I have heard tales of people who acquire a piece and start hearing voices or perceiving negative spirits or having vivid nightmares. For God’s sake if that is you, put it down, and go buy a sweet rose quartz!

Some say it is here to assist those who have come to bring enlightenment to the Earth. A carving on what is thought to be a piece of the ancient Cintamani reads,

“through the stars I come. I bring the chalice, covered with the shield. Within it, I bring a treasure, a gift from Orion.”

One of the most accurate descriptions I have heard, personally, is its symbolic relation to the midpoint crux of all that is divisive, Heaven and Earth, the highest and lowest energy, Father sky and Mother Earth. It reminds me of the Bin Dahl, in the center of the Shri Yantra, so I set it in jewelry to compliment that idea. The point of power, the entropic vortex, from which anything can come forth. Be careful what you wish for.

Whether you love it or hate it, Moldavite is a fascinating element, and a good investment for collectors. If it doesn’t resonate with you, don’t use it. There are a ton of fakes on the market, so I have listed below some reputable dealers that I buy from and can recommend. If you aren’t sure if your Moldavite is real, have it examined by a professional. Under a jeweler’s loop, you will see thin black lines, like electric wires, imperfect bubbles, and a distinct play of color, whether it’s dark or light green. Depending on the quality of the specimen, costs should range from 15.00 to 200 0r 300 hundred dollars a gram.

Some people make and sell reconstituted beads from crushed shavings, dust, or tiny bits mixed with resin and coloring. It will list as authentic Moldavite, which technically, it is, but just know the difference. If you aren’t sure, ask. Most sellers will be honest with a straightforward inquiry.

Enjoy your Moldavite. Do not share it with your friends. Do not use it if it makes you feel bad or scared. Do continue to use it if it just needs a little getting used to, and seriously, if you put it in direct sunlight for an hour, it will get really strong.

Also, sometimes they disappear. If it comes back to you, it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was.

Jewelry and reputable sellers:


Robert Simmons: Moldavite, Starborn stone of transformation
Amethyst Qui: The Moldavites Message

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