Back to Basics, Rose Quartz, the Love Stone

Back to Basics, Rose Quartz, The Love Stone

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is known as the Love Stone. Real rose quartz is a microcrystalline member of the quartz family. Scientists still aren’t in agreement as to the exact source of it’s luminous pink glow. Rose quartz is one of the most popular and readily available crystals, and it’s also one of the most misrepresented, often sold in pink bubblegum colors in perfect points, or labeled as rose quartz, when it is actually colored clear quartz, or a separate variety of a more common, or even synthetic, pink quartz. Real crystal and stone has a solid weight to it, and is cold to the touch, no matter the room temperature. Rose quartz has a high degree of piezoelectric abilities, and it you hit two pieces together in the dark, you will see them glow from the inside. (I love this demo from Hibiscus Moon!

Artifacts of rose quartz, shaped into beads, have been found that dated back at least 7000 B.C.

In it’s natural state, rose quartz grows in tight veins, and is rarely naturally terminated. It is found all over the world, although some of the most highly valued specimens are found in Brazil. It is opaque, rather than transparent, and it’s colors range from an almost white to a deep lilac. Real rose quartz is not cotton candy pink, but it can make you feel that sweet. This pale rose to light lilac type of quartz is all about the energy of love. Contrary to popular belief, Rose quart will not make people fall in love with you.

We attract what we project, not what we are lacking.

It’s action encourages us to love ourselves, and thereby attract equal energy to what we are broadcasting from within.

The nature of it’s effects are said to help restore trust and harmony in all different kinds of relationships while improving their close connections. It’s also claimed to help provide comfort and calm during times of grief, or melancholy reflection.

Rose quartz exudes a soothing influence. It softens our existence and makes negative energies less intense. It does have a sympathetic nature and when it is in tune with its owners emotions, it can help diffuse negative energy and uncomfortable memories and traumas. One of it’s attributes is connecting to and healing the inner child, by releasing old hurts and disappointments.


On the physical, level rose quartz is often used for circulation and heart issues, mildly relieving pain, helping children calm down, helping you sleep and getting in tune with positive energies that we need for fulfilling our personal expression of perfect health. It can quell anxiety and nervousness, bringing a mental and emotional sigh of ease and comfort. I myself, unconsciously hold my breath when I’m anxious, rose quartz reminds us to exhale. It also helps us to see that sometimes, the negative, needy baby in the room, is Us. Lol.

Rose quartz partners well with moonstone, white agate, amethyst, selenite, and moldavite. It does not make a good snack..

It may aid us in discovering the ability to love ourselves, as well as others and opens our heart to compassion. It is also valuable in helping us to forgive ourselves and process through self-acceptance as the road to tolerance for those who we perceive as unlovable. As we activate our heart chakra, which is represented by both pink and green colors, we are able to receive, as well as give love.

I love me!!!

Rose quartz can help us find acceptance, and restore faith.

On the physical, level rose quartz is often used for circulation and heart issues, mildly relieving pain, helping children calm down, hormonal balance, helping you sleep, aiding in fertility and joyful pregnancy, and getting in tune with positive energies that we need for fulfilling our expression of perfect health. Often, what we project to the outside world is what we attract to ourselves, so the self-love aspect is extremely important. If we don’t love and respect ourselves, we don’t have very much to give other people and we generally attract what we are projecting, not what we are desiring. When you love yourself you will attract similar energies that will be drawn to the beautiful pink light in your aura.

Rose quartz is best worn over the heart chakra, and partners well with moonstone, amethyst, selenite, white agate, rhodenite, moldavite, aquamarine, emerald, kunzite, morganite, and clear quartz.

I sell rose quartz, among other things, at my shop, in bracelets, necklace, or stylishly healing combinations. Here are just a few: check out all of my designs, or e mail me for more choices.

Survival Kits-Christmas Essentials

Explore everything from an Altoids tin to "The Crazy Russian Hacker"s $1,000 box of mystery

What better gift to give or receive than a bag full of items to increase your chances of staying safe and healthy?

A Survival kit can cost anywhere from 12.00 and up into the thousands, but for that special person in your life, or yourself, the best kits include the bare necessities. Obviously, the simplest of kits will include some type of container. something for first aid, starting a fire, and protecting yourself.  As we go up the scale, you can start to include other necessities, like food and water, as well as items or tools to aid in  the ability to procure  them if your kit doesn’t include it’s own supply.   I’m going to highlight a few examples. Not to be salesly, but how else can I show you some comparisons? Also, I’m assuming that the giftee in question doesn’t already have his or her own bug out bag packed and loaded. If that’s the case, better to just ask what would make their collection better, and go with that. Personally, I could quickly hand over a list of most wanted items. It would be very specific, and offer a wide variety of prices and desired equipment from which to choose. (Hint. Hint.)

Here's a super simple kit that includes a little bit of everything...assuming you are starting with nothing..This is a simple hand tool kit, and a functional one, but I would put a kit like this inside a more comprehensive bag. Some sort of vessel for eating and drinking out of might be a welcome add on.

Here’s a link to a rather stylish thermos

zoku thermos

Going back to the bottom, a fine example of low budget survival, most notably for the fourteen and under genre, or those who may be unclear about what exactly constitutes an "Emergency Situation". This is my absolute favorite minimalist example. Special cred to the birthday candle.

Alright, as much as I do like to joke around and get ridiculous, your bug out bag is serious business, and they make a great gift for just about anybody, regardless if they live in a world they perceive of as being above harm, forever safe and protected, or lean a little more toward the Boy Scout motto. (everybody else I am assuming, already has their gear on stand by.)  You can have a lot of fun and get really creative with this. Show the people in your life that you care about their survival and well being, no matter what happens, or doesn’t happen. Remember, a SHTF scenario could be as basic as an unexpected weather event that has lengthy after effects, or a socio economic turn that results in a long standing shortage of food and water. That’s the whole point of being prepared. People usually want to jump into a debate about the unlikelihood of the End of the World, instead of just cashing the reality check that reads, “whatever”.  

Regardless of the event in question, your loved one will be awefully grateful for that pink birthday candle and the pack of 7-11 matches that you so thoughtfully gave them this Christmas when the lights are out, the house is cold, and it's the only thing standing between them and the ability to get the fireplace going.

more ideas to get you thinking, and links below if you want to do some investigative comparisons.

Have a safe and happy Holiday!!

Standard disclaimer per regulations: If you purchase anything from Amazon, e Bay, or any other seller I post a link to, except myself,  it is possible that I will get a commission or percentage forwarded from the finalization of that sale. However, myself and my publications will never, ever sell, share, utilize, or in any other means, relay your information to any entity, ever. 

Is 50 really the new 30? Five Suggestions for Continued Health and Happiness

Have our habits, technology and lifestyles really turned back the hands of time?

Is 50 the new 30? In a real word, no. But in a strange way, yes. If you are fifty, biologically, you are that many years old. However, the average fifty year old in 2020 is in about the same shape, mentally and physically as a 30 year old from 1920. What can we do to keep that evolution in an upward trend, and get the most out of whatever time we are gifted?

In 1920, the leading cause of death was infection. It was largely due to lack of dental hygiene, childbirth complications, lack of knowledge, and availability of antibiotics. This was followed closely by infectious diseases such as smallpox, measles and tuberculosis. Car accidents, suicide, and cancer made up such a small percentage, they were a rare blip on the statistics radar. Infant death rates were much higher and heart disease was much lower. The average man could expect to live to be 56, and women could tag on a few more years. Because, lets face it, women have more to do.

middle aged men in a running event
older men being healthy

The old begin to complain of the conduct of the young when they themselves are no longer able to set a bad example. – François de la Rochefoucauld

In 2020, we have an odd mix of societal collisions. It’s kind of a beautiful thing, and allows room for so much inter generational interaction to occur at every level. How we make a living, conduct our families and relationships, contribute to the arts and sciences, and make a myriad of personal choices, is shaping the future of one of many possible societies where age simply isn’t a determinate of one’s physical, mental or romantic capacity. Aside from advances in medicine and information, here’s a few simple things you can start at any time to improve your odds of living a longer and happier life. Keep in mind, this list could go on indefinitely, but these few suggestions stand up repeatedly under various research conditions.

The Number One quality that is apparent in every cross section of any society, is healthy relationships. So, whether you belong to a Church, enjoy your co-workers, your immediate family, romantic life partner, volunteer organization, friends, hobbyist group, support group, or hunting club, it is clear that in major comprehensive studies, the nature and types of our relationships is the most important factor determining quality of life.

The GoodHome Report 

The Happiness Research Institute
& Kingfisher plc, 2019 
The GoodHome Report is a major new international study which has been undertaken by the Happiness Research Institute and Kingfisher plc. The report looks at the impact of our homes on our overall happiness and wellbeing. The study surveyed 13,489 people and conducted 78 in-depth personal interviews with people from across 10 countries in Europe.
A key finding is that the home is significantly more important to our happiness than our income or job.

-Happiness Research Institute

Social Media and a fast paced, distracted lifestyle may have made the speed and quantity of our interactions more proficient, but far less personal. Keep in mind that when you actually reach out and touch someone, (consensually) it lowers stress, slows your heart rate, and activates your orbital frontal cortex, which is linked to feelings of reward and compassion.

friendship groups

The Second Biggest Factor in leading a longer, healthier life is taking care of your heart. Heart Disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. Every year, about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack. This needn’t happen to you, or your loved ones. Cardiovascular health is impacted most by a host of lifestyle choices that are largely within our power to identify and many are correctable, if not reversible. Indicators of future disease are as follows: Stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, obesity, physical inactivity, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, genetic conditions, or sudden shock or trauma.

You can easily glance at this list and see where a few simple, (but not easy) corrections are possible. For instance, pack a healthy lunch, take the stairs, park your car further away than usual, investigate simple relaxation techniques. Meditating for just five minutes every day can reduce overall stress, improve memory and attention span, decrease anxiety, help you sleep better at night, and curb anger. There are many helpful techniques available for free, that can be learned and practiced, daily, that can create sweeping improvements in your overall health. I will list some of my favorites at the end.

Third, You Are What You Eat. Your cells are only able to build, repair, and function within the limits of your genetics, and quite literally, the type of building material you allocate to that construction and functionality. You cannot put root beer in your gas tank and hope that it’s good enough for your vehicle because it is liquid, and vaguely looks like gasoline. Sort of. Human beings are omnivores, and more resilient than cockroaches. In effect, we can remain upright and string sentences together for many years, eating any and all manor of garbage. However, we will not function efficiently, consistently, or for a very long time without serious negative repercussion. Depending on your belief system and preferences, I am still pretty sure we can narrow down the food advice to a few basic common sense suggestions that everyone can agree on:

Eat as many fresh indigenous fruits and vegetables as possible. Consume a sufficient amount of protein. Drink lots and lots of clean water. Minimize the intake amounts of processed fats, sugars, high fructose corn syrup, fried foods, fast food, imitation anything, unnecessary chemicals, and additive elements that simply aren’t food. Our brains and cell membranes need a fat source. This means from a natural source. Omega 3’s, coconut, olive, avocado, nuts, liver, fish. Real food. Helpful tip-if you wouldn’t give it to your puppy, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Know where and how your food is sourced, and be aware that the label “organic” now means less than nothing. Sorry. You can go down the Bunny Hole on any item you can stick in your mouth, so I will leave that up to the individual, or feel free to check back for future articles, as I am sure there will be plenty of exacting facts coming forward regarding individual products and truth in labeling.

variety of healthy food
healthy food choices

Fourth. Your Body, Use It or Lose It. Your body is more than just the mode of transportation that your head uses to get from the shower to the office, where it can be used to make other people money. Your body is where your fierce and immortal spirit resides, it’s how we experience our world, interact with other people and our environment, and through which we interpret all of the wonderful sensations and challenges that it allows. If you take good care of it, it will give you many robust years of faithful and happy service. It’s the only body you will be granted on this particular journey, so no matter what your heredity gifted you with, enjoy it, appreciate it, and take care of it! It needs exercise, air, clean water, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, adequate rest, personal attention, good regular check ups, personal hygiene, exposure to natural elements, intimate contact with other humans, occasional challenges, improvement goals, and self love.

a family enjoys being together in nature
a family enjoys being together in nature.

Lastly, A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste. What do you think about that? Anything? I’ve heard it repeated that most waking thoughts we have on a daily basis are some version of the exact same thoughts we had yesterday, and will most likely have tomorrow. That’s frightening, if you ask me. Science and philosophy have been trying to understand how we think since Descartes first muttered, “Cogito ergo sum” I think, therefore I am. A statement that has been hotly debated ever since.

To keep your mind sharp at any age, there are a few well known behaviors we can practice at any time, at any age and education level.

Keep Learning. They used to believe that if your dendrites were damaged, or unused for long enough, they would shrivel and die, and never grow back. This has since been disproved. We can make new neural pathways at any time. Every time you make a conscious decision to learn, (rather than unconsciously reacting to stimuli), you strengthen your brain cells, and create new pathways. Even using creative visualization is highly effective. The aforementioned exercise and good nutrition will also extend the long term functions of your brain. Your brain requires adequate sleep. The only time your brain filters itself with cerebral fluid is during the sleep cycle. Poor nutrition, over consumption of alcohol, stress, and thoughtless repetition can speed up neural decline.

Again, small changes can have lasting benefits. Read. dance, write in a journal. Draw your dog. Talk about something new. Join a Meet Up group that interests you, try new things. Be willing to do them badly for a while. Laugh. It’s a proven scientific fact that people will more easily remember things when they are associated with a positive emotion. We are both very simple and incredibly complex creatures. Seriously, if you use your faculties and challenge yourself, your brain will stay healthier, longer.

In Summary, the Reality Check is that there is no one practical way that the average working adult is going to get up every day and meditate, journal about it, go for a walk, do some tai chi and a crossword, e mail his new think tank buddies, prepare a fresh healthy breakfast and lunch, read a few pages of a book, walk the dog, and have whatever passes for an intimate exchange, and still get to work on time. Now it’s three o clock in the afternoon. BUT..we can incorporate a few of these positive suggestions incrementally into our lifestyle to improve and reset our overall perception and definition of health and happiness. Remember, it’s not a race, it’s an adventure, to which the ending is always the same. At some point, we are finished. In between the point where we start and the point where we end is the middle, and that is the part in which we get to choose how to spend our lives.

Featured Item Benjamin Buttons

Featured Product. Benjamin Buttons

Gimme Shelter

The Best Portable Tents for 2020

“A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” ― George Carlin.  Comedian

north face mountain 25
north face mountain 25

What’s new in the temporary shelter arena? The answers may surprise you! Keep in mind that the term “Best” is entirely subjective. The term is merely an effective way that I can break up the categories, from minimal to most elaborate, based on user ratings, ease of use, durability, reputation, and functionality.

Your tent is your home away from home, and at times, may need to serve as your actual home. It is one of the basic necessities of health and safety-shelter. It protects you from the elements, keeps your food and gear dry and offers you comfort on a cold, dark night. Before you purchase a tent, you might give some consideration to how you are most likely going to use it, how often, and what kind of extremes it may need to accommodate. You might also think about how much it weighs, and how easy it is to set up. No one wants to go for a romantic mountain hike, or lead a band of ten year old boy scouts, lugging a 40 pound duffel bag and a set a directions that not even the brightest can easily decipher. Worst case reality check-you may be on the move for a while.

The Basics

If you are a novice, try to suppress the urge to buy the most elaborate set up until you go camping a few times. Only by finding out what you lack, will you know what upgrades you are going to require. Everyone has unique needs and preferences. The most basic tent I have run across, (and quite honestly the first one I ever purchased) is an Ozark Trail one man backpack style tent. It costs about 26.00 dollars, and provides basic shelter. It’s lightweight, easy to set up, inexpensive, and provides the minimum amount of climate control and safety. It is constructed of lightweight canvas, and makes a great accessory to any adventure where you might need a temporary shelter. It will not keep out weather extremes, bears, or bugs.

Step It Up

So, you’ve been out several times, tried a few suggestions from your buddies, and have decided to

2 meter dome North Face Arctic

step up your game with something insulated, tougher, roomier, and more reliable.. like this Elkton Outdoor ice fishing style. This sets up like a square igloo, and provides excellent protection from wind and precipitation. It runs around 350.00, but it’s money well spent.

Serious Shelter

north face mountain 25
north face mountain 25

Moving onward and upward. For mountain climbers, extreme adventures, preparedness junkies, extreme weather, or if you just decided to quit your day job and take a really long walk. Any one of these might be suitable.

The new innovations

I referred to in the beginning of this blog are taking technology a few steps beyond breathable canvas, multi weaves and gor-tex. The most exciting is an innovation by North Face, called FutureLight. (link below) Futurelight is a three-layer fabric comprised of a waterproof-breathable membrane sandwiched between a tough external fabric and a soft liner (the typical construction in high-end shells). The membrane is a web of polyester fibers, extruded from 220,000 tiny nozzles and laid in a sheet.Jun 10, 2019

This lightweight, durable, all weather technology allows for some great designs that can easily be set up and taken down in the harshest of conditions. I have read accounts of explorers and photographers who lived in these tents for months at a time, and found them to be superior to any previous temporary structure. If you want to get Really Serious, the North Face 2 meter dome, Summit Series Arctic Portable Home model is the way to go. Retailing at around 5,500.00, this slick igloo can accommodate all of your equipment, and adapts to a fitted heater. The whole thing, once assembled, then gets a snug over-shell that locks it up like a condom. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is getting in or out without permission.

Styles for 2020

The newest styles are sleek, aerodynamic, incredibly light, and sexy. The heavy green army tent of yesteryear will still work, of course, but isn’t it great to have choices? If you travel alone, (or are on the run), a combination of a Eno sleeping bag and a quick one man future light might be just the ticket. So many options.

No matter what you choose, or what you can afford, my advice is make close friends with your gear. Know how it works, how to assemble it quickly, in low or no light, how to clean it repair it, and pack it up. Check your tent gear frequently to insure that all of the required components are there and in good working order. The most expensive items are not always “the best”, but the items I talked about here are well rated and respected. As always, do your own research, and feel free to share your own hacks and experiences. Take care, a flashlight, and a snack.

north face 2 meter arctic dome
gold and black dome tent

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