What is Moldavite, and why is there so much interest in it?

Moldavite is classified as a gemstone, but it is actually a tektite, made of meteoric material which was found near the Vlatrava River, in the Czech Republic. The strewnfield extends occasionally into Austria, but these moldavites have mixed with a lot of Earth, and are a brownish color, and are less valuable, and don’t carry the same qualities as the beautifully etched and bright olive green specimens from the impact which left the Reiss Crater formation, about 12 million years ago. It has had a recent resurgence in popularity, and because quantities are obviously limited, the price will continue to go up.

Moldavite has a long and fascinating history. It has been called the stone of the Holy Grail from Medieval legend, a Paleolithic talisman of the Mother Goddess, a gift from extraterrestrials, and the Philosophers Stone of Hermetic tradition, to name a few. Regardless, Moldavite does carry an extremely interesting energy that typically has a temporary physical effect on the person carrying it. The effect can range from mild nausea to euphoria, and generally dissipates with regular exposure to the stone. The reaction is called “Moldavite flush”.

There are tales that say it gives immortality to those it favors, and if once gifted, your life will swiftly change, burning away what does not serve you, until you rise from the ashes, beautiful, renewed and forever young. In Buddhist tradition, it is called Cintamani, and was said to grant wishes. Some say that Moldavite carries messages from other realms of existence or opens doors to communication with entities from other planets. Different stones seem to have “personalities” and qualities unique to one another, but energetically, there are strong similarities.

Moldavite has a very high resonate frequency that may be too potent for some people, it activates all the chakras, and speeds up one’s general path toward one’s purpose. They work well with Herkimer diamonds, labradorite, nuumite, shungite, lapis lazuli, and other tektites, like Libyan desert glass. As a general rule, Moldavite amplifies anything you put with it, so know your crystals and possible effects before you go throwing things in a mojo bag.

I have personally never had a bad experience with one, but I have heard tales of people who acquire a piece and start hearing voices or perceiving negative spirits or having vivid nightmares. For God’s sake if that is you, put it down, and go buy a sweet rose quartz!

Some say it is here to assist those who have come to bring enlightenment to the Earth. A carving on what is thought to be a piece of the ancient Cintamani reads,

“through the stars I come. I bring the chalice, covered with the shield. Within it, I bring a treasure, a gift from Orion.”

One of the most accurate descriptions I have heard, personally, is its symbolic relation to the midpoint crux of all that is divisive, Heaven and Earth, the highest and lowest energy, Father sky and Mother Earth. It reminds me of the Bin Dahl, in the center of the Shri Yantra, so I set it in jewelry to compliment that idea. The point of power, the entropic vortex, from which anything can come forth. Be careful what you wish for.

Whether you love it or hate it, Moldavite is a fascinating element, and a good investment for collectors. If it doesn’t resonate with you, don’t use it. There are a ton of fakes on the market, so I have listed below some reputable dealers that I buy from and can recommend. If you aren’t sure if your Moldavite is real, have it examined by a professional. Under a jeweler’s loop, you will see thin black lines, like electric wires, imperfect bubbles, and a distinct play of color, whether it’s dark or light green. Depending on the quality of the specimen, costs should range from 15.00 to 200 0r 300 hundred dollars a gram.

Some people make and sell reconstituted beads from crushed shavings, dust, or tiny bits mixed with resin and coloring. It will list as authentic Moldavite, which technically, it is, but just know the difference. If you aren’t sure, ask. Most sellers will be honest with a straightforward inquiry.

Enjoy your Moldavite. Do not share it with your friends. Do not use it if it makes you feel bad or scared. Do continue to use it if it just needs a little getting used to, and seriously, if you put it in direct sunlight for an hour, it will get really strong.

Also, sometimes they disappear. If it comes back to you, it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was.

Jewelry and reputable sellers:



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