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Astrophyllite. The Prophetic Dreamers Stone

Astrophylite is best known for it’s association with astral travel and the seeking of spiritual journeys through conscious dream work. A shiny black stone, shot through with golden and silver crystal blades that resemble it’s Greek namesake, “star leaf” Astrophylite...

What is an mRNA vaccine?

It delivers the mRNA sequence to the cells responsible for making that protein, using several types of modalities, in a process called “transcription.”

All I Want To Do Is Have Some Fun

All I Want To Do Is Have Some Fun

Be alive. Stay alive. Don’t be a dumb ass about it, use caution and respect, but also use your head. Use your talents and skills, or develop some new ones. Find ways to connect with people, and stay in contact with them. Make your physical and mental health a priority. Question everything

Go Outside and Howl at 8p.m.

.oh, lookee here…there’s a Facebook Group for that. A really BIG one. A big, hairy, snarling, loud group of humans that reach across the globe, in solidarity, owning their power, and making a lot of noise.

Mandatory Minerals

most people can’t create a perfectly balanced diet from available everyday sources. Even those of us who do care about such things, can’t be reasonably certain that any of those plants were grown in soil containing any of the required minerals at all.

Naked Fairy Apothecary


Healing Crystals & Orgonite. Handmade Custom Jewelry


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