Amazonite Bracelet, the Co Dependant Stone for positive boundaries


Amazonite Bracelet the Co Dependant Stone for positive boundaries

From pale blue to minty pastels or in pink and grey tones, Amazonite hails from Southern Lybia, and has a variety of healing implications. It is effective at blocking toxic emmissions from computers and electronics, it helps one to speak their truth, hold compassion, with loving detachment, and express empathy without ownership. It is also a stone of luck, winning at games of chance, and most especially for calming ones nerves.

This bracelet can be a mix of colors, or all minty blue-green, please specify.

I make bracelets to order, in a medium size, 7.5 inches, extended, unless otherwise specified.

As always, this handcrafted healing jewelry is made with love and magical history, using only the highest quality genuine crystals and gemstones. This is intended to be a holistic, metaphysical aid to a healthful lifestyle, but it is not to be used as a replacement or substitute for professional medical or psychological care. I am not a Doctor, and I can’t grant wishes.

May the world look upon you tomorrow, as you looked upon it today-with love.


Amazonite Bracelet, the Co Dependant Stone for positive boundaries

Amazonite is known as the co dependants stone for it’s implied ability to ease the worried mind of those who consistantly do too much for others, take on the weight of the world, listen to the woes of family and co workers, and find that their personal power has been depleted. Over and over.

It also has a reputation for lending strength to those very kind people, so easily taken in by their compassion, to rise up and say “No” -an act of uncharicteristic valor!


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