Benjamin Buttons, anti aging necklace with mookalite and emerald


Benjamin Buttons, anti aging necklace


Mookalite: It carries an invigorating frequency of strength and vitality, and has a traditional history of being used for cell regeneration and slowing the effects of aging, physically, and emotionally. It increases Life Force within the physical body. An Aboriginal stone, mostly from Australia, it is gaining in popularity for its healing capacity, and for empowering one to feel and connect with the electromagnetic energy of the Earth. It enables us to utilize these positive energies to increase our will and focus more easily on the right use of our personal power. Mookalite promotes an ageless spirit willing to accept change and seek new experiences, and awakens one’s natural instincts in knowing the right direction to take.

Garnet: is a gemstone associated with the root chakra system. It has an association to overall healing of the physical strength and vitality, especially in regards to speeding up the healing of a wound, or post surgery healing. It is said to be an aid to the circulatory and reproductive systems as well. Energetically, it is said to be protective, keeping one away from those who’s motives might be hazardous or immoral. Garnets are very popular for matters of success in business, monetary transactions, and advantageous outcomes in lawsuits, or legal proceedings. Enhances sexuality, sensuality, and self acceptance as a vital, physical being.

Emerald is a very powerful crystal, long seen as a symbol of wisdom, purity, and abundance. It is known as the stone of the heart, but not in the same way one associates love with romance. Emerald is related to the qualities of universal love and mercy, and not so much to the kind of love often seen in personal relationships. Emerald is a gemstone often represented by the Chinese goddess Quin Yin, representing universal love and inner beauty, with maternal overtones, like the ancient Grandmother who loves all and never tires. Emerald is a great stone for healers, as well as scientists, and seems to go well with almost anyone. Given the range of energies and peculiarities of individuals, this is a unique and valuable aspect of this crystal.

Shiva Lingam egg is associated with the kundalini activation, you may choose to use this stone alone, or you may use it in combination with other stones that are powerful to aid the process. The kundalini process may be about transformation, and you may use other stones with it to aid this process. This supports all aspects of your personal divinity, and is powerful to aid you to overcome the need to judge others, and encourages forgiveness. It represents both the sacred male and female aspects of the divine, coming together, as well as community bond, or sacred agreements




Benjamin Buttons, anti aging necklace

This anti aging necklace is made from mookalite, garnet, and emerald, with a shiva lingam egg pendant, also offered without one, but the price is the same, as it’s longer, with more emerald and mookalite. finished in sterling silver. It brings in an attitude of youth, playfulness, cell repair and vibrancy. Mookalite is said to regenerate cell health, help you to realize goals and create working plans of action. Clarifying direction and motivation. Emerald and garnet, offer several other energetic and physical benefits of youth and vitality. Shiva Lingam, the cosmic egg, is associated with the uncoiling or releasing of the kundalini power center, the serpent that eats its own tail. This symbol is associated w the sacred yin/yang/ knowledge and wholeness, and has sexual healing overtones. This synergistic blend encourages the playfulness and openhearted joy of the healthy inner child, empowers your decision making skills, opens the heart to purity, luck, and abundance of experiences as well as on the material plane. Also, it’s pretty, and you feel happy just wearing it.

This design is approximately 22 ” long, without the pendant.
It is offered without the pendant at the same price, I just add additional gemstones. Place preference in order comments.

You can order this design with a detached pendant on a small silver jump ring, or without it, in which case, I add an inch of gemstones. Please specify in the comments section. I make just about everything to order.

As always, this handcrafted healing jewelry is made with love and magical history, using only the highest quality genuine crystals and gemstones. This is intended to be a holistic, metaphysical aid to a healthful lifestyle, but it is not to be used as a replacement or substitute for professional medical or psychological care. I am not a Doctor, and I can’t grant wishes.

May the world look upon you tomorrow, as you looked upon it today-with love.

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