Empath Protection Necklace with moonstone and kyanite


Empath Protection Necklace (Healing for Healers)

Made for those who work in the service of others. Light workers of every type. Whether you are a yoga instructor, a caregiver, a psychic healer, or school counselor, you are always willing to listen, and attune to the underlying issues of others, so you can intuit how best to be of service. Unfortunately, all of the stress and drama that other people carry can negatively effect you, and make you tired and depleted.

This design features ruby in fuchsite, best known as “the lightworkers crystal” for boosting red and white blood cells, addressing emotional and physical set backs, releasing stress, and encouraging empathy without internalizing the trauma of others.. Also contains peridot and emerald which are unconditional purity and giving, and other crystals and gemstones to heighten intuition, like moonstone, onyx, lapis lazuli, and rose quartz. Also contains blue kyanite, for balance and keeping emotionally connected, while not taking on the distress of others. Good for Reiki workers, psychics, nurses, teachers, light workers, and others who want to give love and care, but not absorb negativity. Finished in sterling silver.

Bracelet sold separately.

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