High Anxiety Relief Bracelet


High Anxiety Relief Bracelet

Selenite quickly cleanses stuck energy and lets the light flow freely through the crown and into all of the chakras. It amplifies other stones and crystals, and has an overall relaxing energy. As a result, selenite can help with sleep problems, especially those that are caused by daily stress.

Ocean jasper also releases stress, and encourages enjoyment and communication. Ocean Jasper resonates with the throat chakra, and calms high emotion.  It helps you to focus and appreciate what you love, and to think and speak in a more mindful and positive manner.

Howlite is also very relaxing. It calms rage a nd fear, encouraging us to be open and receptive to the wisdom of our guides and ancestors. It works with the mind, helping to still the crazy squirrels, so you can take a deep breath and be at peace. (I personally find that this combination makes me a little sleepy, so, just saying.). Howlite is also said to be beneficial for manifesting our dreamy imaginations. Howlite is said to help us communicate with our pets better, too, being more in touch with the unspoken communication of the soul.



High Anxiety Relief Bracelet

High anxiety relief with selenite, ocean jasper and howlite.

At this time on our planet there is a lot of collective fear and stress, with their related issues and events. I made this design by popular request, and chose to bring these elements together, as I find them very effect in this combination. Fear and anxiety are not beneficial to our bodies and minds in any way, so I suggest taking good care of yourself, physically, and spiritually, in any combination of modalities that fit your lifestyle. Humans are social creatures. We need to talk, touch, and love each other, without fear.

This bracelet contains selenite, howlite, ocean jasper, and copper. I typically make them to order, in a medium-small size, which fits most nicely. Please message me if you have a different size request, and all designs can be modified toward a traditional masculine look and size.

As always, I am not an actual fairy, so I can make no medical or healing claims to these products, I am not a medical Doctor, and crystal suggestions are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any illness. Please use your crystals responsibly.

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