Law of Attraction-Abundance necklace, prosperity jewelry


Law of Attraction-Abundance necklace, prosperity jewelry

Citrine: known as the merchants stone, is the most common crystal to draw, represent, and increase luck and continuance of material gain.

Goldstone: attracts prosperity, positive disposition of mind, and emotional optimism

Jade-Used traditionally for centuries to ensure the safety and well being of heart, health, luck and auspicious circumstances.

Sunstone-known to attract influence and personal power, increases self confidence and awareness, invites gain and expansion

Emerald- a very clean and pure vibration of love, altruism and attraction of all abundance

Malachite- another strong heart stone, protects from malevolent thought forms and is great for focusing manifestations and bringing them into your reality.

Aventurine-draws luck, health, creativity and encourages all things that improve with intention

Feng shu coins are the traditional luck symbol to draw prosperity.

Carnelian and red agate are included for energy, motivation, and steady pace going forward toward your goals, as well as mookalite jasper, which is also a stone of enpowering goals, good health, and a playful and youthful outlook.

This original crystal and gemstone healing bracelet or necklace is a holistic, high quality, metaphysical aid to a healthy lifestyle. Although my handcrafted jewelry is made with love and magical history, it is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical or psychological care.


Law of Attraction-Abundance necklace, prosperity jewelry

 Jewelry to draw luck and money. A beautiful necklace that sits right below the collar bone, with natural citrine and several of the traditional crystals associated with manifesting prosperity.

Citrine, known as the Merchants stone, green aventurine, which is said to draw the circumstances of prosperity into your field, gold stone, jade, feng shui coins, garnet, tigers eye. Everything I could think of to draw luck, money, coincidences, synchronicity, and to lend energy to financial choices, games of chance or business. Keep in mind, “abundance” does not always manifest in the form of Stuff, and remember to keep a clear intent, even if that is simply, “for the best and highest good”, Source has a tough time with ambiguity.

Its an abundant universe, and there is plenty of everything for everyone. some styles may have 2 smaller natural citrines or one large one. Shown with matching bracelet, sold separately. Genuine, quality, crystal and gemstone jewelry. Gold plated clasp and spacers. Shown with bracelet, sold separately.


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