Man in the Mirror Orgonite and authentic Board Creek Quartz in shungite and copper


Man in the Mirror Orgonite and authentic Board Creek Quartz in shungite and copper

Orgonite is a term coined after the larger body of works of the late  Wilhelm Reich, and is commonly referred to as a class of materials which are
composed of a mixture of metallic particles suspended in an organic medium plus an
inorganic substance in a 50/50 ratio. Orgonite takes non life-affirming energies and converts them into orgone energy,

Orgone is the namegiven to Life Force, Chi, bio-energy by Wilhelm Reich. Orgone is a type of energy that defies many of the laws of Newtonian physics and is considered to be the energy that is also referred to as Prana, Chi, zero point field, and many others.

This is the historical theory, I make no claims to the information or research.

The metals used are varied, as are the carbon additions, but the ones I have chosen are- copper, brass, iron, mica, silver, aluminum, and steel. with shungite tourmaline and forsterite for the carbon.
The metal in the mix should be very fine particles, like the brass grindings from a key-making machine. Very large pieces, are less effective, as are spiral shavings and particles from a machine shop. Copper works a little better than aluminum, gold and silver work a little better than
copper, but availability of materials and costs are a more important consideration. The ‘non organic’ part is the resin that holds the metals in suspension.
Epoxy resin, polyester resin, and boat-building fire-glass are the popular mediums. Once cured during construction, these elements are non-toxic, and perfectly safe to handle or wear.

These are handmade, one of a kind units. There may be anomalies that are imperfect, as that is the nature of making things, they are not machined, and therefore, may have quirks.


Man in the Mirror Orgonite and authentic Board Creek Quartz in shungite and copper

3″ orgonite pyramid with hand mined Board Creek quartz, opalite, large copper wrapped quartz, hand crafted orgonite alien face with 144 tensor ring on it’s head.

The geometry of pyramids create their own bioenergy field, just by their structure. When combined with orgonite and amplified with a wrapped quartz, they become a clearing and energizing device, inspired by your intentions that are continuously working with the natural resonance of the planet to counter act EMF’s and the unnatural frequencies and erratic energies all around us by transmutation.


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