Ur in Trouble Bracelet, with calcite, citrine, garnet and hematite



Ur in Trouble-kidney, urinary, and bladder health crystal and gemstone bracelet, with natural citrine, blood stone, hematite, calcite and garnet combine to combat and relieve the distress of urinary, bladder, liver and blood issues.

These crystals and gemstones carry a high vibration of energetic healing and detoxification. Activating the body to work with your highest intention, lending energy, calcium absorption, and urinary balance. Choose from either center citrine stone or garnet.


Blood Stone is for personal courage, the shrinking of tumors, purifying and strengthening the circulatory system and health of blood rich organs such as the liver. It works well in conjunction with other detoxifying and vitality crystals.

Hematite, an iron based gemstone, grounding, reflective, detoxifying. Hematite is also a blood-health related stone as the name suggests.

Citrine appeals to the urinary system, the center of self care, and the energy of the lower abdomen. Citrine is a happy stone, removing fear as it aids the immune system, endocrine, kidney and bladder. It can help to remove, or really, encourage negative energies to “pass through” your system, as they may be exacerbating physical symptoms of distress in these areas.

Calcites, in addition to being mentally and physically clarifying, calcite unblocks systems that may be stagnant, or not flowing thru the proper energetic channels. I use both orange calcite, and honey calcite in this design, which resonate to the solar and sacral chakras in the lower body systems.

Clear quartz is added as an amplifier of these energies, along with lemon quartz, as the color activation’s are important in the products intent.

Choose from either center citrine stone or garnet as a center stone. Both are pictured.

This original crystal and gemstone healing bracelet or necklace is a holistic, high quality, metaphysical aid to a healthy lifestyle. Although my handcrafted jewelry is made with love and magical history, it is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical or psychological care.

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