What is A Chakra?

You may have recently heard the word “chakra” in your last yoga class, or at the local metaphysical festival. Maybe your favorite millennial at the office likes to tell you which one is out of alignment, and maybe gives you helpful hints on how to free up space on that disenchanted disc. Having no earthly idea what  your friend is referring too, you smile sweetly, and nod, “yeah, good point, I’ll work on that, thanks!” At one point in time, I had wished someone would have noticed my politely blank stare and offered me a little more information.

So, the chakra system is a set of spinning energy discs that run in alignment from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. There are a great many body chakras, but for the sake of simplicity, I am only going to talk about the seven most common.


Historically, this system dates to the Hindu, circa 2-300 BC. The earliest texts reference these energy centers, along with words expressing Prana, or Chi, the different aspects of the life-force, and their corresponding centers on the body. However, these texts did not make mention of pretty color coding, and no one school of  thought seems any more enlightened than another. The accepted philosophies have survived many transformations and have been embellished to suit our Western philosophies, most lately by author, Hill, who wrote Nuclear Evolution, and added his chromatic match up toour evolutionary journey, or dominant personality archetypes.

There are many long and scholarly articles- links at the bottom- detailing the origins and changes in this field, but for our purposes, I am just explaining the accepted modern terminology, so you don’t feel like the token Zombie at your next enlightened dinner party.

As it stands, the colors of the rainbow spectrum go,
from the top of the head down as follows:




 light blue

green(or pink)



and red.


There is also a bright white light hovering over the head, and a black one hovering below the feet, if you like.  If you are a perfectly healthy and balanced individual, the chakras should all be about the same size, softly whirling, with an open center, like friendly little hurricanes. We are said to be out of balance when a disc is closed shut, or one has dominance over the others, or is not spinning. Some people can see the energy with their peripheral vision, and it can also be photographed with a Kirlian device- a very pricey camera set-up that uses high voltage feedback to project an image of your electro magnetic field. Human beings are bio-electric units. The field is subtle, but it is scientifically measurable. Aura photography is making a big come back at the moment, thanks to better technology, and more sensitive instruments, being featured on the Today Show, the cover of Harpers, Bazaar, and in many other modern venues. Starting at the top:

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is referred to as the, its color is violet, it’s represented by the gemstone of amethyst. This chakra is most commonly associated with our connection to The Divine, the Oneness of all energy, spirituality, intuition, and guidance from our Higher Self, or sub conscious mind. If it is too wide open, or dominate, a person may be ungrounded, spaced out, disconnected from other people, and day to day life. If it is closed off, or malfunctioning, a person may be self-involved, materialistic, uncompassionate, or depressed.

The 6th Chakra ~ The Ajna

The sixth Chakra is the Ajna, or 3rd Eye Chakra. It is represented by the color indigo, and the gemstone lapis lazuli, or sapphire. It is the chakra associated with the pineal gland, a gland deep within the human brain, right between the eyes, that when activated, or functioning at full capacity, allows us to see beyond the three dimensions, into the past or future, or perceive ‘sight’ beyond what we commonly recognize as normal abilities. It allows for emotional communication with ourselves and others, and mental control, as improved with meditation and visualization.

The 5th Chakra ~ The Throat Chakra

The 5th Chakra, is the Throat Chakra. It is represented by the color of light blue, as in turquoise, or aquamarine, and rules the concept of communication. It hovers close to the actual throat area, allowing for acuity in speaking, writing, creating, expressing, in all regions of our lives. It is also associated with Truth. The truth in our own perception, and the ability to communicate it to others. If this chakra is impaired, we may become introverted, quiet, or recognize that we are  living in a way that is not in alignment with our personal truth.

The 4th Chakra ~ the Heart

The 4th Chakra is the Heart. Its colors are pink and green. Its gemstones are emerald and rose quartz. The heart chakra represents our ability to love. Love not just in the romantic sense, but for ourselves, our society, our planet, an ideology, or creative endeavor. When it is blocked, we become guarded, and cannot experience life to the fullest. We must learn to love ourselves first, in order to have a well from which to draw. An overactive heart chakra has no discernment, open to all, this person can be constantly betrayed or disappointed.

The 3rd Chakra

The 3rd Chakra is a popular buzz word. The solar plexus is the seat of the actualized self. It is located just below the rib cage. Its color is golden yellow, and it is represented by the citrine crystal. A well-developed solar plexus can inspire one to be confident, courageous, and satisfied with whatever lot life hands them.They are well liked, and easy, optimistic company. A person with an overdeveloped solar plexus might be a braggart, a lover of the limelight, or deeply conceited.

The 2nd Chakra ~ The Sacral

The 2nd Chakra is a cheerful orange, called the sacral. It is in the gut section, directly below the belly. The sacral gemstone is usually carnelian. This chakra represents the creative, childish side of the personality. The self in the full sense of nonjudgement and self-honesty. It is sensual,energetic, and inspired to act. Too much sacral energy shows itself as irresponsible, impulsive and overly flirtatious. If stifled, the person may grow old too quickly, lose their good humor, and deny their enjoyment in all areas of life.

The 1st Chakra ~ Root Chakra

The 1st Chakra is called the Root Chakra. It is located in the groin area. The sacral color is red,  often represented by ruby or garnet. The root chakra is the primitive center of survival. Flight or fight instincts. Food and territory and defending your ground. It is action, without premeditation, the sense of self as unknown. Without its action, you may over think an emergency that requires instinct and swift action.


In conclusion: you are now free to talk intelligently with your metaphysical friends and coworkers, identify which of your chakras needs to be worked on, and if you are interested in further research, more comprehensive history, or picking up a few of those crystals, see the links below.


Chakra-Wikipedia: www.hinduwebsite.com

Book: Wheel of Life, by Anodea Judith

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