Lost in the Fog- The paralyzing effects of negative news

I have resolutely sat down to write on several occasions over the past few weeks. Such inspiring articles on important topics as “my favorite face masks”, “what is nuerolink” and “all about fluorite”, but found myself instead, entangled in a quagmire of uninspired paralysis, looking at the world around me, and feeling powerless and inert. I have to ask myself, does any of it matter, and what could I add to this endless sea of sales and headlines, and overload, that wouldn't make me feel like I wasn't just throwing one more piece of plastic at the trash barge, as it sailed away to dump more crap that nobody wants into an already tormented ocean.

I watched one commentator on youtube, Some More News who summed it up really well, in his post “The First Week of 2020”. An accurate if cynical look at what is going on worldwide, and I could relate. It's depressing. Like myself, he started off with a forced lovechild plastic smile that faded into a snarl as he recapped what is actually going on. It feels disingenuous to rave about the 25 amazing benefits of baking soda, and give you my favorite raw cookie recipe, when the planet is literally on fire, algorithms are telling me what to think, politics are created and fueled by social media, our data is being mined like coal, people are getting dumber and number and everything I ingest may or may not be toxic.

Everyone is talking, yelling, selling, and yet there is little true understanding of the importance of swift implementation positive resolutions.

I had another unfortunate Ah-Ha moment when watching another show I like, The Sensible Prepper, talking about survival hacks from the homeless. It was indeed sensible, and realistic. I was forced to look at my own pollyanna view of a survival situation. Chances are, no matter if the S.H.T.F. situation derives from an Alien invasion, or a sudden economic downtrend, the reality is most likely not going to be a society of like minded preppers, hunting game and helping each other build log cabins, but a city full of dirty, hungry, scared, humans, who don't know how to function when their lights go out, their Bank of Whatever card is meaningless, and they have no plan B.

All of these things began to weigh down my spirit, and make me feel like the assault of information was just as meaningless as whatever I would add to it.

I sat with that thought for a while. Allowing myself to wallow in morbid reflection. I realized I was adding to the collective fear, feeding the apathy, throwing the door open for the zombies to come in and have a beer and watch Netflix and chill.

But like the Mother Teresa quote, we have to do it anyway. We have to get off the couch, continue to talk, to share what we think is true, what we think is helpful, and needs to be heard by somebody. Just like the people I previously mentioned who had an impact on me. I needed to hear that information. I needed to evaluate it, decide if it was relevant or important to me, and be thankful that somebody is out there sharing the things that they do, and that I am not alone. It was important that I feel the sadness. When we are witness to despair and we fail to have an emotional response, that is when we will begin to lose our humanity.



So, to make myself feel better, I made a bad video, put on my big girl panties, and bravely decided that I will keep talking. On one level I really do believe that what we need will come to us, and that if there is one person out there who benefits from something I share, then I have made a difference. If I made you laugh, think, or look something up, I am part of the solution. The Problem is too big and too complex and impersonal to fit inside my head, or yours. So, for now, I will do my small part to stay sane.

up next: Favorite DIY Face masks and interesting facts about baking soda!

Keep Building.

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