Elite Noble Shungite, The Ultimate Survivor Stone

Welcome to the wonderful world of shungite! What it is, what it does, and why in the world would any rational person need a pocket full of shiny black rocks found half way around the world, when there are rocks of every kind and color, all over the ground, laying there just for the taking? 

Allow me to elaborate, and ask you to set aside your insta-flinch response to all things of possible “WU” nature. Seriously, this is Science! 


 The first time I heard of shungite was in an article called, “shungite, not for sissies”.  Not being a sissie, I read on, and was inspired to learn more. 

 What I have  found to be true and provable, in my experience, is that if you are at all interested in having a survival advantage, get a couple of these rocks while you can. Shungite rocks contain one of the oldest noncrystal carbon forms. They only come from the village of Shunga, off the Karelian shore of the Lake Onega (Russia)  The carbon in shungite rocks penetrates in nearly all rocks of that region. Shungite rocks are divided into five types based on the carbon percentage, with the most valuable and desirable being the elite noble type, constituting only 2% of the available shungite on the planet, and the only type suitable for treating water. 

Shungite is over 2 billion years old, and it’s origins are debatable. I believe it is meteoric, as it is only found on one place on the planet,  but there are several other plausible origin theories.

Elite Noble shungite is classified as a crystal due to it’s unique atomic structure, called a fullerine.  Shaped like a geometric bucky ball, this design has been a subject of great scientific interest in the last decade due to so many potential medical benefits.  It is an extremely lightweight, but incredibly hard, very shiny stone with variable scalloped ridges, a dense carbon composition, and a bipolar conductivity. (yes, you can test that). 

  As you move away from the main source, the most common type of available shungite is about 30% pure, and still excellent for health, and a list of benefits so long I will barely touch on it here, just don’t ingest it, as it has traveled out from the source and may have picked up any number of elements. Some new companies have claimed that they can transform or filter elements to create pure, ingestable medical grade shungite, and I don’t dispute that, but I personally have not tested it, to date.


Ancient cultures revered it, and called it the Stone of Life. Knowing instinctively to apply it to wounds, and add it to questionable water sources. The army of Alexander the Great credits their low mortality and success with instructing all soldiers to carry the stone in their pockets to ward off illness and infection. Historic rooms still remain in Russia and the Czech Republic, with shungite inlaid walls, where they would send a person to detox, or cure PTSD. Shungite is extremely self leveling, and seems to adjust to the carriers needs.   

If you place three of the stones, (or more) together in water, they create an atomic spin that destabilizes pathogens. Although it is pure carbon, it’s action is not one of absorption, so these stones merely need set our in the sun periodically to re charge. They also require an oxygen exchange, so do not seal up with lids or airtight containers. 

NOTE: DO NOT PUT ELITE SHUNGITE STONES AND WATER IN PLASTIC CONTAINERS. The shungite will attempt to de stabilize the offensive material, and you will end up drinking the by product. 

Shungite is well known for suppressing the effects of exposure to EMF and EMP exposure, improving cell function, skin conditions, speeding recovery from illness and injury, and warding off illness altogether. It balances all chakra centers in the energetic system, and is used in cosmetics, electronic protection devices, soaps, pyramids, jewelry, water purification systems, orgonite, and medical research. 

The picture with the plants are from my own seedling experiments, which I repeated several times before recommending that anyone drink the rock water. The seed that was watered with the shungite infused H2O, consistently outgrew the tap water (duh), and the filtered zero life water.

I  personally use shungite powder mixed with tourmaline in all of my phone tabs, orgonite and soap creations at Naked Fairy Apothecary, and it is one of two stones I wear everyday, all the time. (moldavite is the other).

I will list trusted providers of elite noble shungite below. It’s a tough one for fraudsters to create, but easy enough to sell a very low grade polished up to resemble a higher grade. My suggestion is to get it from one of the verified dealers from the area in which it originates.  (I make no money from this suggestion, by the way). I do sell orgonite jewelry, phone tabs, and shungite beaded pieces, but because it is rather in short supply, I don’t make a ton of it unless I’m asked. 

So, don’t be a sissy, go get some shungite. Put it in your bag, put it in your pockets, do your own research and experiments, and don’t lose it. You might need it.




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