Survival Kits-Christmas Essentials

Explore everything from an Altoids tin to "The Crazy Russian Hacker"s $1,000 box of mystery

What better gift to give or receive than a bag full of items to increase your chances of staying safe and healthy?

A Survival kit can cost anywhere from 12.00 and up into the thousands, but for that special person in your life, or yourself, the best kits include the bare necessities. Obviously, the simplest of kits will include some type of container. something for first aid, starting a fire, and protecting yourself.  As we go up the scale, you can start to include other necessities, like food and water, as well as items or tools to aid in  the ability to procure  them if your kit doesn’t include it’s own supply.   I’m going to highlight a few examples. Not to be salesly, but how else can I show you some comparisons? Also, I’m assuming that the giftee in question doesn’t already have his or her own bug out bag packed and loaded. If that’s the case, better to just ask what would make their collection better, and go with that. Personally, I could quickly hand over a list of most wanted items. It would be very specific, and offer a wide variety of prices and desired equipment from which to choose. (Hint. Hint.)

Here's a super simple kit that includes a little bit of everything...assuming you are starting with nothing..This is a simple hand tool kit, and a functional one, but I would put a kit like this inside a more comprehensive bag. Some sort of vessel for eating and drinking out of might be a welcome add on.

Here’s a link to a rather stylish thermos

zoku thermos

Going back to the bottom, a fine example of low budget survival, most notably for the fourteen and under genre, or those who may be unclear about what exactly constitutes an "Emergency Situation". This is my absolute favorite minimalist example. Special cred to the birthday candle.

Alright, as much as I do like to joke around and get ridiculous, your bug out bag is serious business, and they make a great gift for just about anybody, regardless if they live in a world they perceive of as being above harm, forever safe and protected, or lean a little more toward the Boy Scout motto. (everybody else I am assuming, already has their gear on stand by.)  You can have a lot of fun and get really creative with this. Show the people in your life that you care about their survival and well being, no matter what happens, or doesn’t happen. Remember, a SHTF scenario could be as basic as an unexpected weather event that has lengthy after effects, or a socio economic turn that results in a long standing shortage of food and water. That’s the whole point of being prepared. People usually want to jump into a debate about the unlikelihood of the End of the World, instead of just cashing the reality check that reads, “whatever”.  

Regardless of the event in question, your loved one will be awefully grateful for that pink birthday candle and the pack of 7-11 matches that you so thoughtfully gave them this Christmas when the lights are out, the house is cold, and it's the only thing standing between them and the ability to get the fireplace going.

more ideas to get you thinking, and links below if you want to do some investigative comparisons.

Have a safe and happy Holiday!!

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