Why is Activated Charcoal suddenly so popular?

Charcoal is not a dirty word. In nature, we all know what it is-burned wood, right? Why is that substance now to be found in everything from face masks to pet products?

charcoal in it's natural state

Devils Advocate (common sense)

Beyond the hype, and the maddening sales pitches, charcoal does appear to have many benefits, as a valid natural remedy for many minor conditions. It is incredibly hard to prove or disprove these findings without using some of these  suggestions for yourself. While I was trying to read clinical trials, (of which there are hundreds! ) I came across some very well marketed campaigns both for, and against, the effectiveness of charcoal. One prominent “de bunker” with a sciency name cited the failed results of one particular test in which the charcoal did not rid the body of  certain substances. I looked up the study, and it was only partially reporting, based on their bias, and did not disclose the entire success rate. Although charcoal can be both positively or negatively charged, most commonly, when ingested, it is negatively charged, this will attract elements that are positively charged, and scurry them toward the removal end of the body processes. The word “toxic” can apply to just about anything you can stick in your mouth, so a black and  white evaluation has lots of room to play with bias.  

Top Ten uses for activated charcoal

  • Poison control and emergency detox
  • water purification
  • liver cleanse
  • exposure to hazardous material
  • whitens teeth 
  • aids in wound healing
  • controls diarrhea
  • controls internal parasites
  • aids healing of skin irritations and infections
  • natural skin care

How it Works

“Activated charcoal” is similar to common charcoal, but they are not interchangeable. Manufacturers make activated charcoal by heating common charcoal, typically made from hard wood or coconut shells, in the presence of a gas. This process causes the charcoal to develop lots of surface  space. Toxins are adsorbed and eliminated from the system. This is different from acting like a sponge. What it means is that positively charged particles, (positive, in this instance meaning the opposite) are attracted and adhere to the charcoal molecules. Much like a magnet sweeping an area for iron bits.

It does not suck away your anti oxidants or vitamins, as I’ve seen posted out there. It has a specific function. Find toxins. 

Activated charcoal is commonly taken by mouth to treat poisonings. It is also used for intestinal gas, loose bowels, high cholesterol, drug or alcohol over consumption, upset stomach, periodic system detox, and bile flow problems 

Activated charcoal is applied to the skin as part of bandages for helping heal wounds., and can be used in emergency situations when no antibiotics are available. 

These are a few of the forms available. Always check for purity and company reputability when selecting products.

As I always suggest, do your own research. I will provide some helpful links.


Easily the most versatile and least expensive forms of charcoal is a simple, pure powder.  Powders can be ingested in small amounts, mixed with other herbs to create salves or poultices, added to existing beauty products, or used in making your own products or DIY cures.




Capsules are an easy and exacting means of ingesting activated charcoal, or for transporting, storing, ease of use, and lack of mess.  You can use it the same way as a powder, but you won’t the bang for your buck if you want to take them all apart and make a face mask. Mostly used for internal health purposes. Little guesswork involved.  Read the directions. https://amzn.to/34K3TPE   make adjustments as needed

lotions and creams

There are many lotions and creams for health, first aid, and beauty products already on the market, or you may choose to create your own versions using the raw materials. Generally used in skincare or for first aid, these can’t really be abused, and need not be carefully monitored, as I know of no risks to topical application.   




commercial product

My magic mud

https://amzn.to/2syWZi4 I am a big fan of charcoal toothpaste, I’ve used it for years, and I have a bright smile with no issues.



charcoal face mask.

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