Emerald, The Scourge of the Dark Magician


Emerald has long been associated with Fairy Tales, Kings and knights of ancient folklore. The jeweled crown of the wise ruler is always spoken of in bedazzled sighs of diamonds and emeralds. One look at the Royal Crown collection of England will attest to the facts.

They are indeed, quite shiny.


royal jewels

Emeralds did not only find favor with the Royals, however. The normies of the day found that carrying the rough cut pieces gave the carrier additional equilibrium in body and mind. It seemed to lift his spirits, put a skip in his step, and bring about good luck. Emeralds in any form, given as a gift, was a sign of wishing the other well, with a deep and true sentiment. Real abundance being the joy of everyone doing as well as you are! (or, y’know, mostly.)


friends sharing wealth

Emeralds are thought to be a crystal of wisdom, which may be one of the reasons it associated with those presumed to hold and bestow knowledge. It also is said to imbue one with the gift of discernment, helping to open the heart to what is true or false, and amplifying the intuition, when faced with a tough decision.


Emerald, is of course, associated with drawing wealth, but also with sharing it, as some other crystals, like citrine, are not. It is an important stone in science and healing, as it provides insight, patience, perseverance, and curiosity.


Folklore found that emerald was the enemy of enchanters. It gave one a supernatural ability to foresee the future, was used as an antidote to poison, and was feared by Dark Magicians, as the emerald brought truth to light and their sorcery was of no avail in the presence of one wearing or carrying the emerald. The wearer was said to be protected from attacks by venomous creatures, and evil spirits would be driven away.

A rough emerald is not so beautiful to look upon, and you may shrug off it’s potential in favor of something more dazzling, but do not be fooled. The energy of an uncut emerald is actually much stronger than one that has been manipulated, although the green rays of light that may filter through a cut gem has a magic all it’s own.

Always make sure that your stones or crystals are authentic, ethically sourced, and not man made. It’s best to go to a shop (assuming you are in a Country where that is still possible!) and

tough and see the stones for yourself. A rough, pocket piece may do you a world of good!!! They are lovely things to behold, and the action of simply feeling the feeling that the stones are traditionally said to impart, like openheartedness, can bring the actual experience of it up into your reality, and that, is magical!


Law of Attraction
empath protection bracelet
protection from everything necklace

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