Labradorite, Guardian of the Dreamworld

labradorite night guard

Labradorite, Guardian of the Dreamworld

Labradorite is a mystical and magical stone that entrances all who gaze upon it.  It’s deep flashes of intense blues, violets, and gold, has been the source of folklore and imagination for time untold. Called the Merlin Stone, the Keeper of the Void, The Night Watchman, and my favorite, Guardian of the Dream World. Maybe because it reminds me of Guardians of the Guardians of the Galaxy…A movie who’s unlikely hero, actually embodied some of the more playful aspects of this elusive mineral.


guardians galaxy

Labradorite is a type of feldspar. It commonly appears to be bright bluish-green, to violet or yellow, but in actuality, has no color of it’s own. Fissures in the structure reflect and bend light, giving it the signature luminescent ethereal glow, also known as the Schiller effect, or more commonly called labradoressence. Inclusions of copper or hematite can create a spectrum of flash. Like emerald, it can be dull and opaque, or clear and gemmy. Labradorite is a calcium aluminum silicate, found in many locations around the world, including Canada, Madagascar, China, Russia, India, Austalia, and the U.S. Oregon, USA has some amazing specimens come out of it, and a rare full rainbow flash type called spectrolite, can only be sourced from Finland.

Labradorite value is dependant on the size, color, depth of color, clarity, and rarity. A very transparent piece of several carats with intricate depth and color could be quite expensive!!


Happily, labradorite is not only beautiful, it is also relatively affordable. A little blue flash can inspire a lot of joy! Most Gemstone and Metaphysical shops will carry labradorite, due to it’s classic appeal, it sells itself.

According to tradition, physically, labradorite is associated with the health of the blood, kidneys, and bones. It is said to break up blockages and get things moving, much as it’s spiritual nature would suggest. It helps us to be more extroverted and surefooted in a variety of situations. Labradorite encourages us, through heightened intuition and a breezy sense of fresh confidence, to step forward, and show our inner warmth and wisdom. 



Labradorite is a legendary crystal that awakens the young adventurer inside of us all. It helps us to think for ourselves, walk our path of intuition and self knowledge, and optimistically venture into independence with a strong sense of being guided and protected, against all danger, seen, and unseen. I like to think of it as being represen tative of the Magician, Merlin, as a youth. I can see him full of untapped power and noetic wisedom, running too fast, laughing too loud, and yet unsheathing his sword without hestitation, when honor requires.


I also liken labradorite to the Yin compliment to moonstone, which is not to imply that labradorite is strictly masculine, just that it tends to embody the equalizing aspects. Like most good pairings, they compliment similarities, but create a more complex effect in the totality of their unique qualities combining. 


On a metaphysical level, labradorite is often refered to as a protection stone. This, for it’s reputation as a guardian of the night. Labradorite will watch over you while your spirit travels in the dreamworld, and see you safely home. It accelerates your spiritual growth by activating not only your third eye, but your ability to get over social conformity, and say, “yes!” to your true desires, however freakish or staunch they really are. You are unique, and no one is served by a Magician who hides his Light for fear of conflict or social change

Because labradorite is such a stunning stone, it is quite popular, and comes in a variety of colors and grades. It is not hard to acquire, and there are few fakes, as the real thing is quite beautiful and plentiful enough for anyone who feels drawn to create a new reality, can have a pocketful of minor magic

As always, check your sources, and make sure you are talking to a reputable stone seller, especially now, with so many items being sold online. Buying in person, whenever possible, is always going to be your best bet. At Naked Fairy Apothecary, I create synergistic combinations for intentional health and happiness. Below are a few that contain labradorite. I can also offer most crystals and stones by themselves, in a bracelet or necklace, as a single point, or in a tensor or organite design.
empath protection bracelet
orgonite discs with labradorite

Always Wear Protection         Empath Protection             Orgonite w Tensor


Empath Protection Necklace with moonstone and kyanite

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