Go Outside and Howl at 8p.m.

Go outside and Howl at 8pm

One example of how quickly we form an Alpha Pack

Every night around 8pm, in cities, states, and diverse countries all over the world, a howl goes up into the darkness. It starts off softly, like a question, maybe soulfully thrown up to a purple desert sky, from a tiny window, by a single figure behind a closed door, and is answered by a low rumble, and followed by thousands and thousands of howling human voices. This is us. We, the people.

family howling covid quarantine

What do you do when you go to sleep in your regular life, with friends and social groups, and activities you enjoy, and a job, and a date planned for the weekend next, and you wake up locked in your own space, with the Zombie Apocalypse you’d always joked about, allegedly outside your door? Suddenly you find yourself wondering if anyone will ever know that you are using your fancy undies as ecologically responsible (and washable!) toilet paper, and wishing you had gotten your hair cut a lot shorter at your last appointment.

fearful things 2020

That isn’t, of course, the only thing I am wondering about, there are much larger problems afoot, and believe me, I am going to start talking about them. I have had a lot of down time lately, and before I started posting again, I had to get my head out of my butt, and lock up my self righteous indignation at the entirety of the freak show I woke up in.

I began to lose the one thing that might keep me sane-my sense of humor.

I was madly flipping through Google Scholar and reading science abstracts in search of my own personal validation for some truths, (found many, will share later, and yes, that is what I do for fun.) when someone beeped in with a video of a jiggly toddler doing some kind of freestyle Shiggy, and laughing his head off. I smiled. Very cautiously. Then my newly formed perma-resting-bitch face started to laugh, for real, and I had a dazzling moment of clarity.

I was acting like a crazy person. I just wanted to be heard, and not feel so alone, and find some way to let my feelings and all of this literally, pent up energy out, without damaging the furniture or taking hostages….and…oh, lookee here…there’s a Facebook Group for that. A really BIG one. A big, hairy, snarling, loud group of humans that reach across the globe in solidarity, owning their power and making a lot of noise.


My cold icy heart started to melt, just a little, like the Grinch, on Christmas morning..”Could it be, that people could get together in one voice united?” I asked the walls, twirling my pen. “With no jobs?” I asked the refrigerator. “With no income, no political agenda, and making no discernible difference in their predicament at all??” I asked the plant, incredulously, pulling a big leaf toward me, so it could hear me better.

Yeah! Hell yeah, we can, and it IS making a difference. It gives me hope.


The popular FB group was started by Shelsea Ochoa and Brice Maiurro on March 27th, 2020. It caught on quickly, and went viral, if you’ll (cough cough ) excuse me, and now there are well over 576K members in the original group, and chapters in many US cities and several other countries. The original group’s mission statement was simple: Go outside at 8p.m. and howl.  Members are also encouraged to share posts, wolf stuff, talk about why you are howling.

Verbalize your feelings, no haters, no overtly sexual or drug related references, no politics, no personal or business promotions. It still stands that way. A good, clean, healthy way to connect with other people, share your feelings, and take affirmative action, without causing more damage to a global society that is already conflicted, confined, and stalked by an invisible predator.

Being the creative pack of wild things that we are, many spin off groups followed close on the heels of the original. Amusingly, even in a non-special interest group, we tend to want to connect more closely with people who are more like ourselves.

Here’s a partial list: Go outside and….

  • Howl at 8p.m.

  • Howl Anytime

  • Howl whenever the F you want to

  • Howl for adults only

  • Meow

  • Moo

  • Howl (your City)

  • Howl (Countries)

  • Interact with your neighbors

  • fart

For the creepers, there’s the ever popular

. Go outside and listen to others Howl.

And, for the adventurous- just “Go Outside”.


This is by far not a complete list, and it’s growing every day. I have never been so proud of Us.

We don’t even have to be part of FB, or anything else, I think we would be just as loosely organized and as tightly connected under any circumstances.

In spite of my inclination to try to figure out the ‘what, why, when and who’ of everything. Sometimes I have to accept that I don’t know, and even if I did, I couldn’t change what I am observing right now, today.


I didn’t manifest this  situation because of any unresolved negativity, or  lesson I haven’t learned, or bring it into existence through lack of self awareness or any other B.S. you might have heard. It just is, until it isn’t. That doesn’t make me a victim. It doesn’t make you one, either. We have not lost our power.

wolf pack

I have opinions. I’m sure you do to. We will all get a chance to express them, soon enough. So if you are frustrated, pent up, feeling alone, and you need to be heard..



Go Outside and Howl at 8p.m.


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Stay in the Light.

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